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Store your camper for the winter: Camper coverStore your camper for the winter: Camper cover

Your camper or motorcycle has made you have a great time this summer, but the cold season has arrived. You have managed the issue of camper, motorcycle, RV or ATV insurance by calling your insurer, so here are some tips that will help you get ready to leave as soon as the heat returns from the most expected next spring! First thing is to buy a camper cover when it is ready for storage.


To winter your motorcycle safely, here are some ways to go.

  • Fill up with petrol to prevent condensation from forming inside the tank, which could lead to corrosion.
  • Inflate the tires to the pressure suggested by the manufacturer to ensure that their carcass does not deform.
  • Unplug your battery and store it in a safe, cool place.
  • Do you have a garage? Install your bike for the winter and if the humidity is high, protect your mount from dust by covering it with a breathable cover.
  • If you do not have a garage, you can rent a space in a warehouse or motorcycle shop to be sure that your motorcycle is wintering in ideal conditions.


If you do not run away from the cold to a cooler place with your camper, here are some tips for keeping it in good condition.

  • Drain and rinse the wastewater and black tanks.
  • Close the electrical switch on the water heater and empty the water heater.
  • Close the cold water inlet of the hot water tank and set the bypass valves to the winter position.
  • Drain the clear water tank and empty the water lines through the drains under the vehicle.
  • Run the pump to empty it and remove the water filter.
  • Apply antifreeze by turning the pump on and open the faucets until the antifreeze sinks.
  • Pour antifreeze into the sink, bath, shower and toilet drains.
  • Park the camper in your garage or in a space rented for this purpose from a camper dealer in your area.
  • Install camper cover before storage if you don’t have a good quality camper cover then you need to buy one.


You like your mountain bike, but only the summer! These few tips will be useful to make him spend the winter without problem.

  • Thoroughly clean the exterior of your off-road vehicle, including bodywork, tires and plastic surfaces, to remove any dirt that could erode paint and varnish.
  • Cover it with a tarpaulin that does not trap condensation.
  • If you do not have an interior space to store your ATV at home, consider renting one in a garage that offers this service.

You leave your vehicle outside?

 If you have no choice but to leave your seasonal vehicle outside for the winter, cover it with a good quality camper cover and try to store it under temporary or permanent shelter. However, before doing so, you must ensure that you comply with your municipality’s regulations.

Good cold season to all lovers of campers, motorcycle, RV or mountain bike and patience … the beautiful days will be back faster than you think! If you are looking for a range of good quality covers for your vehicle and you don’t have time to visit stores personally then just don’t worry is here for you. We understand it is difficult to take time for visiting personally for selection of best camper covers for your vehicle, you can check all covers and specifications on our website. If you need some details or guidance about these covers we are just a call away, call us and we will help you out in this situation. Select a cover, order it online or on a call and avail amazing discounts and warranty. If you are already using a camper cover, we would love to see your comments and review because it will be helpful for new buyers. Don’t for get to comment if you find this article helpful. So are you going to buy a camper cover for your vehicle? What do you think which cover suits your vehicle and which brand you prefer to use?

What equipment in Class A motorhome: Class A motorhome RV covers?

For many, renting is a first step in the world of motor homes. In order to buy or to spend a little different holidays, more and more people are considering renting a vehicle for the holidays. But before embarking on the motorhome adventure, it is important to know clearly what equipment you find in the class A motor homes. We will also discuss the importance of Class A motorhome covers

Furniture equipment in Class A motorhome RV:

If you rent one of Class A motorhome RV, mostly they are all equipped in the same way. The equipment in your motorhome will be:

  • You will find the different beds, permanent or removable.
  • The lounge area with the table or tables. On each side of it the driver and passenger seats and the rear seats. The first one turns to face the table. Note, however, that in the Capuchin Familial (C) and the Integral Luce (Z), the driver’s cabin is out of the way, and you have benches face to face.
  • A kitchenette with a kitchenette consisting of a sink and two gas hobs.
  • A 3-energy refrigerator adapted to the type of vehicle.
  • A shower and a toilet, separated or not according to the vehicles.

The strengths comforts:

After the equipment, one of the most important aspects of the motorhome is autonomy. Whether for the shower, toilet, gas or electricity, you are provided with the necessary for the draining and refilling. Be careful to drain the black water (toilets) and gray (shower) at least every two days to avoid bad smells! Regarding gas, remember to open the bottle every time you turn off the engine! Otherwise the refrigerator, gas stove, water heater, and heater will no longer work. Always check that the gas cylinder is full enough. And take good care if you go to countries where the bottles are not the same as Italy or Portugal in particular. Plan for either a replacement bottle or the proper adapter Electricity works a little in the same way. The 220V outlets are only active if your vehicle is connected to the mains using the extension cord. In autonomy, you can only use the USB 12V.

For those traveling in winter, the heater and water heater works with the gas as explained previously. For the summer, how to cool off? Like a car, air conditioning exists in the driver’s cab when the engine is running. When turned off, there is no air conditioning because it would exhaust the battery too quickly. By cons, there is a ventilation system to brew the air at a standstill. We advise you in case of strong heat to cool more than necessary while you ride to enjoy the cooler longer when stopped.

Options to enhance your trip:

When you rent motor homes, you can adjust your stay according to your needs. For example, you can be provided with child seats if you come by plane or train. These child seats are seats identical to those for a car. They are not equipped with the Sofia system and must, therefore, be attached with the belt. You can also ask for bike racks for cyclists.

It is important to know that mostly these vehicles are rented naked, except for basic motorhome equipment. Understand that you will not find any cooking utensils, no dishes, and no sheets! All of these things can, however, be added as options if you wish. You can then keep the equipment for which you paid. Be careful the pillows are not provided! Neither basic nor in options in bedding kits! Class A motorhome RV covers are also not provided in rented motor homes but they are important for the protection you can buy one from online stores and keep it with you after this trip for future trips.

What you will not find in our motor homes

Those who provide motor homes on rent have made equipment choices for motor homes that they think are necessary. You will not find a television, no awnings, and no outdoor tables and chairs. If they offer bike racks for cyclists, their vehicles are not equipped with the tow bar. Buy Class A motorhome RV covers from in market competitive rates without any visit. If you have any questions about Class A motorhome RV covers dont forget to comment or contact us at any time. Our experts can guide you in the selection of Class A motorhome RV covers. If you want more information on one or more of our motor homes, I invite you to continue to our site.